The X-Ball™ Extraction Device


  • X-Ball™ Extraction Device

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    The X-Ball Emergency Extraction Device is a safety & rescue device designed for rescue personnel.

    *Note: Only Available to First Responders and Military Personnel*

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Note: Only Available to First Responders and Military Personnel

A Breakthrough In Through-The-Glass Extraction

There are many glass breaching devices available today. From the pointed end of a firefighter’s axe to the carbide tipped end of a survival knife. One thing they all have in common is that they all need to be hand-held when the user is breaking the glass. Therein lies a potential safety concern.

Because of the limited usage of former breaching tools available, the user had to be adjacent to the glass to break it; thus, exposing that person to potentially dangerous conditions, such as:

* Military Personnel attempting to breach a window to gain access to an interior structure; thus, exposing them to potential enemy fire from within the structure.
* Police Officers engaged in extricating a suspect from the conclusion of a vehicle pursuit and the individual has barricaded themselves in the vehicle.
* S.W.A.T. Teams attempting to gain access to an interior structure, to affect a raid, thus exposing them to potential enemy fire, such as faced by Military Personnel.
* Fire/Rescue Personnel who are either trapped on an elevated floor of a structure, or a person(s) are trapped behind a window and cannot break out the glass. Thus, the Fire/Rescue Personnel must use precious time to either “brake and rake” a window for their egress from the structure or do the same for a person(s) trapped behind a window.

These examples are the motivating factors of why UNIQATIVE™ has developed the X-Ball™ Extraction Device by UNIQATIVE; commonly known as the “X-Ball™”.

The X-Ball™ is a breaching tool that is not only designed to be hand-held, but can be thrown as well.

The X-Ball™ has astonishing glass breaking ability. It can break through the side windows of most cars, by either firmly tapping on the glass, or throwing it underhand. Firefighters, military personnel and law enforcement officers will no longer need to come face to flame or face to fugitive to break the glass barrier that separates them from where they need to be.

Product Applications

X-Ball Military

X-Ball™ Military

X-Ball Police

X-Ball™ Police

X-Ball™ Fire

X-Ball Rescue

X-Ball™ Rescue

*The X-Ball™ extraction device” is not designed to penetrate laminated glass; such as a windshield. Laminated glass is not designed to shatter such as tempered glass (other products that are hand held also cannot break through laminated glass).

The X-Ball™ extraction device can be attached to a tactical vest, with the purchase of a carrying case. The X -Ball™ extraction device can also be carried/transported in the manner that works best for the user.

Product Features


Easily carried with other gear.


Designed to penetrate most glass except laminated.


Can take a defensive posture from a distance


Will not weigh you down.
(Weighs less than 1 lb.)


You do not need to be right next to the glass.


Allows fresh air to enter vehicle on occupant rescues.


Keep a distance from flames or other hazzards.


X-Ball™ extraction device can also be hand-held to break glass.

The X-Ball™ Extraction Device

A Breakthrough In Through-The-Glass Extraction

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The X-Ball™ Emergency Extraction Device is a safety & rescue device designed for  rescue personnel. Please contact us for samples or additional information.

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