Dave Krueger is the Founder and CEO of UNIQATIVE LLC (“UNI-KAY-TIV”). Dave is a retired police officer, with 13 yrs. of Law Enforcement/Search and Rescue experience. He retired early from line of duty injuries. Before his retirement, he founded World Prep® Inc., (a world leading supplier of safety and preparedness products), after a deployment to assist in the Search and Rescue of individuals who had been trapped by flood waters in a town along the Ohio River. It was here, during his time as a police officer that he realized that although these individuals lived in an area prone to a natural disaster; they had no idea what they needed to survive. Realizing this and having to take an early retirement was the catalyst that put World Prep Inc in motion.

During his 15 yrs. of running World Prep, the company developed Evacuation Kits for persons who worked in high rise buildings; after 9-11. Dave also developed the first camouflaged hygiene kit for the military; that has been widely distributed by the USO, as well as developing Combat Transitional Care Packs for the Wounded Warrior Project. Before selling the company, World Prep Inc. had developed 45 different products in 9 different markets.

Dave is committed to excellence: “As a police officer, I was provided the best tools and training to put the odds in my favor of returning home at the end of my shift. Every product World Prep Inc. developed and now, every X-Ball™ developed by UNIQATIVE is designed to those exacting standards as well”.

Unique + Innovative = UNIQATIVE