X-Ball™ Military

X-Ball Military

X-Ball™ Military

Military personnel are tasked with the arduous mission of urban combat to defeat enemy forces or to gain intelligence as to future enemy operations.

More times than not, breaching a door or window is going to be necessary to carry out the intended mission. If breaching a door is required; many useful tools on the market are available. However, if breaching a window(s) is required, to gain potential information as to what might lay in wait in the structure, then the breacher (until now) has been required to be adjacent to that window to breach the glass and break it.

This is where the X-Ball™ extraction device can assist the breacher in taking a more defensive posture and throwing the X-Ball™ from a distance; potentially behind cover.

The X-Ball™ extraction device is another tool that can potentially assist military personnel with utilizing as much protective cover as possible to reduce casualties and provide needed breaching of a window structure to assist them in carrying out their mission.